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  • blakanubis:

    That feeling you get during a dry spell on Tumblr, save for that one sole spike in likes and reblogs.

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  • Charles ‘Actual-Human-Being’ Dance

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  • I can’t stop constantly narrating my own life. At that very moment, I feared I had divulged too much.

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  • markruffalo:


    so I was thinking that mark ruffalo sounds a lot like mark buffalo, and then i decided that i obviously wasn’t going to be the only one who thought about this. so i typed ‘ruffalo the buffalo’ into google images and i found these…




    i don’t know why but it made me happy 

    I don’t know why but it makes me happy too.

  • returntothestars:

    It’s like when Windows does this, but in real life.


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  • viage:

    To save its lone customers from the awkward perils of solo dining, The Moomin House Cafe kindly seats diners with stuffed animal companions called Moomins, a family of white hippo-like characters created by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

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